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Hello and welcome to our jewelry gallery and store! We hope you enjoy and appreciate our selection and feel free to contact us with any questions or special requests. 
As our name states, we carry only Oregon material. All of our stones are hand-harvested from the wildest and most beautiful reaches of Oregon. Every stone piece we have to share caught an eye, came home with us in a pocket or pack, was hand-washed, hand-polished or left beautifully raw, and crafted to best accentuate its individuality and charm. Hope you enjoy!


Our Finest Stones

new arrivals

To assure we know exactly what each stone holds we look deeply into them with microscopes, determining if one is micro crystallin or at times as deep as the elemental properties! 

We do not sell of offer bulk stone. However we are willing to take raw stone we have in our inventory and make specific jewelry of your taste from it. So If you see a type of stone that strikes you just let us know and we can set it!


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Special Requests

If there is a favorite type of rock that you have seen however there is nothing crafted from it and you would like to have something made from it, shoot us an email and let us know what you would like!

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